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About Us  


NCS has provided quality auto and heavy equipment appraisals to the insurance industry since 1998. We serve many of the top insurance companies in the world. We are unlike any other independent appraisal firm in the country, we provide a superior product along with seamless integration and cutting edge web based technology. Our company is based on an experienced team of former insurance claims professionals integrated with experienced staff appraisers. Our web based technology results in organized and expedited file handling in which cycle times are cut dramatically, leading to reduced rental costs and out of pocket expenses, our account managers also randomly review estimates for accuracy. Our average severity is $200 less than industry average.** Our estimates don’t cost you money, they save you money.

With our proprietary system we are able to provide you direct access to claims submitted, claims in progress and completed claims. No more waiting for a fax or email confirmation or an unanswered telephone call, just login and experience the simplicity of direct access. It is with our proprietary system that we can offer this access to completed claims, usually within a 72-hour turnaround time*. Many assignments reach completion in 48 hours or less*. Claims can be accessed instantly, saving you time, money and aggravation.

Our uniformed auto and heavy equipment appraisers adhere to your guidelines, guaranteeing you prompt, fair, and accurate estimates. The NCS web based system is password protected and ensures privacy of all your company's information. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week and they are backed up out of state to ensure that our systems will never be down.

NCS offers unmatched service and experience. Our management team is knowledgeable in all facets of claim handling, having served in management for several top insurance companies. We require our appraisers to maintain their job related training, to exceed industry standards. Our appraisers are audited regularly by field supervisors through random re-inspections. It is with this knowledge that you can rest assured knowing the quality; consistency and standards of NCS are unsurpassed in the auto and heavy equipment claims industry.

NCS designed our proprietary system to be the best web based application program in the auto and heavy equipment insurance industry. We continue to upgrade the system to meet our customer’s needs. Our reports are designed with our clients needs in mind. No more waiting for a response, just login and access the information desired.

(*Based on owner contact)
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